UNICEF commissioned ACT for Performance to perform the evaluation of its Improving Child Nutrition Project in four countries in Sub-Saharan Africa: Burundi, Ethiopia, Mozambique and Rwanda.

Started in 2014, the UNICEF project aims to contribute to an equitable and sustainable reduction of undernutrition in four countries in the Eastern and Southern Africa Region (ESAR): Burundi, Ethiopia, Mozambique and Rwanda. Through investing in national systems and processes, and in alignment with the principles of the Scaling Up Nutrition movement, this project aims to sustainably contribute to improved nutritional well-being of women and children under 5 in the populations targeted taking into account multi-sectoral approaches as well as UNICEF’s focus on equity, children’s rights and gender equality at all levels.

ACT for Performance already worked in nutrition such as the elaboration of the DRC multi-sectoral nutrition strategy with UNICEF, and the evaluation of a multi-country (11 Sub Sahara African countries) World Health Organisation nutrition project.