Two studies underway in Mali, in 2021, for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development of Canada (DFATD): a sectoral evaluation of Canadian interventions in health as well as a sectoral evaluation of interventions in Governance of the bilateral program of development of Canada in Mali (2013-2018 / 2019). Ongoing 2020-2021

Canada’s overall development program in Mali (2013-2018/2019) has come to an end and the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development has begun a planning phase for new bilateral programming. Because of the scale of Canada’s investments in Mali and its active role in aid coordination and policy dialogue with technical and financial partners, DFATD commissioned an external firm to evaluate the performance of its Canadian sectoral programs in order to provide input for future programming. Thus, after evaluating the performance of Canadian cooperation in the rural development sector in 2020, ACT will evaluate the performance of the Canadian portfolio in both sectors : Health and Governance in Mali in 2021.

As an important partner, especially since the outbreak of the armed conflict in the North and Center of the country in 2012, the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada (DFAIT) funds development in Mali to the tune of $90 million per year, making the bilateral cooperation program one of the most important of the Department and the third largest in Mali.